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Jun 08

Things to remember when setting up a SaaS business.

I decided to post some tips for people who are in the process of setting up a SaaS business. I’ve recently been involved in developing, launching, supporting and marketing of two projects. So these are the things I’ve learned. This list is far from exhaustive, so feel free to suggest other points.
Focus on building the actual product, don’t invest your time in writing code which is not vital to your software’s USP:

This means integrate other software which is non-core to your product:
It’s the core of those companies to help you with certain aspects, they will always have more, better features than developing it yourself. Do yourself a favor, pay the money and integrate. Give your own development hours a cost, see how it matches up to the cost of using an external service and making the decision will become a no-brainer. 
Automate wherever possible, but do it after launch. 

Automation is really important in a SaaS, but don’t spend to much time on it before your actual launch. Most tedious task will come up after you have your first customers. So see what’s costing you a lot of time and prioritize accordingly. 
Think about customer support

When you’re launched and you’ve got some users signing up (maybe free users), your customer support email will be first in line to get actual sales, customers will (subconsciously) be testing you based on your ability to help them with their problems. So get your shit sorted. Every software ships with bugs and faults, so you can test as rigorously as possible, you will ship software with bugs. So it comes down to being able to find and fix your software quickly. Being transparent and reactive in customer support will be your first and most important weapon of choice. It’s not the actual problem that will frustrate your users most, it will be the not-knowing-when-it-will-be-fixed that’s really going to bother them. 
Here are some of the things you should consider:


Whoa this list became a lot longer than I initially intended, I’ve the feeling there still a lot more stuff to cover, but I’ll leave it at this for now.

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Dec 29

First things first: learn your kid English

Think about it, if your kid knows English he will have access to more information (especially online information) compared to his native non-English language. It’s just a way of giving him the best possible chance in life. 


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Dec 08

"Ooh, Jesse. You were so wrong." . My presentation from BizCamp.

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Dec 05

Frederik his presentation from BizCamp has already 12K viexws on slideshare, great stuff!! :